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Why Digitize Your Documents?

1> Easy Access to Data

Multiple users can easily access the same information simultaneously, removing the need to create and store multiple copies of one document.

Users can simply access digital copies of their information from different locations or devices at any point of the day.

2> Avoidable Expenses

Housing large amounts of data in house requires an immense amount of storage space as well as man power. Other expenses, such as those associated with physical materials like ink and paper, can also directly impact an organization’s bottom line.

A digitization solution drastically reduces these costs along with real estate overhead , and cuts down on the time needed by your staff to identify, archive and extract documentation.

3 > Increased Productivity

Investing in a digitization solution will help streamline sluggish workflows by cutting down on the manual labor typically required to maintain physical documentation.

Digitization can transform cumbersome, unorganized data into searchable, easy to retrieve files.

4 > Higher Customer Satisfaction

Greater levels of organization and efficiency allow companies to refocus on providing better customer service as well as reducing wait times and written off billable hours.

Digitization simplifies the storage and organization of physical files, allowing your employees to pay closer attention to your client’s needs and less to internal document management.


Document Scanning & Capture:

Documents are prepared for scanning by removing staples and other physical obstructions that may hinder seamless replication.

Once this process is completed, scanning equipment is used to digitize the paper documents and convert them into an electronic image. The images are then cleaned up and processed accordingly


Document Recognition & Indexing:

Once all required documents are converted into a digital format, state-of-the-art software is used to recognize the image and any subsequent information, connecting specific data or metadata points with the content in the newly digitized images.

Next, we sort the scanned documents into any file format required for the archiving. We can have them as PDFs, MS Word or any document format our client wants.


Document Import into Electronic Document

After images have been properly scanned, organized and stored, the now digital data is imported into a content management system designed for document management.

Clients have the option to use a technology that can electronically deliver images to multiple destinations, or they can utilize a capture software to export modules designed to send the information into a dedicated content management system


Cloud Backup

Upon request, we can upload the digitized documents to the Cloud for Backup. Backing up in the Cloud is where you have true and permanent storage. Saving on hard drives and computers could fail eventually.

We are proficient in migrating your digitized documents in all cloud service providers. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Rackspace. Essentially any cloud provider of your choice.


How We Digitize



See samples of Actual Projects we have executed and the successes that resulted.


Client Requirements:

EUC Homes is a leading Real Estate company based in Lekki, Lagos. They needed their client’s purchase and allocation documents for purchased properties to be digitized and backed up in the Cloud.

Digitization Model:

On site. The project was handled in the client’s office all through

Volume & Scope :

We digitized over 45,000 documents and backed them up on Google Drive.


Client Requirements:

Egbin Power Plc. is nestled in the serene town of Egbin , located in Lagos. The HR Department required their employee document to be digitized and stored in hard drives.

Digitization Model:

On site. The project was handled in the client’s office all through

Volume & Scope :

We digitized over 100,000 documents 


Client Requirements:

The National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) is a Corporate Services Unit (CSU) in the Exploration and Production (E&P) Directorate of the NNPC charged with the responsibility of managing Nigeria Government’s investment in the Up Stream sector of the Oil & Gas

Digitization Model:

On site. The project was handled in the client’s office all through

Volume & Scope :

We digitized over 300,000 documents 


Client Requirements:

The Eko Hospitals.  We are currently in active discussions with Eko Hospitals on the Digitization and Archiving of their Medical Hospital Records in the Cloud.

Digitization Model:

pending …

Volume & Scope :

pending …

Our prices are reasonable and we apply flexibility when we bill

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